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Strange Fate News

New News Courtesy of Clare (who let me know about the letter sent to Hodder and Stoughton):

Lisa J Smith has provided the following short note for all her fans about the outstanding title in the Night World series, Strange Fate. Looks like we might be able to schedule this for publication in early 2004...

"To everyone who has been enquiring about my next book, I would like to say thank you so much for your interest and support. I feel terrible about making my readers wait so long for the last Night World book, but I'm determined that the series will be finished. Right now I'm hoping to deliver Strange Fate to my publishers sometime in Spring 2003. Of course, it will then take a little time for the book to be put in print. Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who has given me sympathy and support in these last few years. This has been a difficult time for me in many ways. One of the hardest things for a family to face is the life-threatening illness of one of its younger members. But it can also bring the family closer together and teach them to appreciate each day as it comes. In my case, it has also shown me how many caring people there are who are interested in my books and who are patiently awaiting the last one. Their kindness, coming at a time when writing has been impossible for me, has been more of a comfort than they could know."

Lisa J Smith, 12th August 2002

2/10/98 I just spoke to Pocket Books, trying to order this and they said that this book is not being released until August 1998. Sorry. Cassie
May 15, 1998: I spoke to LJS' agent a few weeks ago and it is definite. Strange Fate was delayed because of illness. Last I heard, she was busy finishing the book. Also, Pocket Books has NO release date on this novel. I just spoke to them today. That means they are not definite on when the book is coming out.
NW EXCLUSIVE: January 15, 1999: I've just heard from LJS' agent that she is looking forward to finishing this book and will probably be working on it over the next couple of months. And she is looking forward to a great 1999!
September 2, 1999: According to Pocket Books, the book is supposedly due out in November 1999. But please look above to the date 2/10/98. Then they told me it was due out in August 1998. So that's the latest I know.
Nov. 2, 1999: Pocket says the release date is Nov. 30 but it's not definite
Dec. 13: Amazon is sending out emails if you pre-ordered this book, saying that it has been cancelled. I spoke to Pocket and LJS' agent: The release has been postponed but it has not been cancelled. This book will come out, but when we don't know.
June, 2000: I have heard from LJS and the book isn't finished yet. There is no timetable for when it will be finished and released and all I will tell you why is that it is because of personal reasons.
August 2001: Again, I have heard from Ms. Smith and she apologizes for the delay but the book still has not been finished. She hopes to finish it but does not know when that will be. Thanks
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